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Family wedding could revive family feud

Bride, groom and guests walking across lawn And unfortunately, many glancing time checks turn into text-checks, voicemail checks, email checks and quick Facetime sessions with the grandkids. Checking the time should be fine – but not performing other functions. Also understand that opera lovers aren’t like movie-goers; they pay a premium on a special day to view an art form they love. When asking you to put your phone away, the gentleman should have gone sotto voce. Dear Amy: I loved your response to “Anxious,” the parent who was worried about the appropriate reaction when her child hit another in the face during a snowball fight. My favorite line: “It’s a snowball fight, not the Untouchables.” Dear Fan: I wondered how many readers would catch that reference. Here’s the applicable quote from the movie: “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital; you send one of his to the morgue! It’s the Chicago way…!” You can contact Amy Dickinson via e-mail:

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